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Get your message out about your local business, product or upcoming event. If you don't tell them that your out there, how will they know?



Branding is different than advertising. Constantly repeating your image and message is key to folks remembering who you are. 



An effective marketing strategy employs multiple methods to getting your message out to the masses. A multipronged marketing strategy is always more effective.



Run a private campaign specific to your product or business. You define the route and areas that the truck will saturate to your target audience.



Surprise a loved one, friend, or collegue with a message on the truck to say "Happy Birthday" or "Anniversary". Whatever the event make it extra memorable by suprising them with a drive-By!



We participate in numerous public events throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Make sure to get your message out to the public by advertising with us at an event!



We offer low pricing on graphic design services for anyone who advertises on the truck.



Play video games off the truck. Show a movie. Stream a sporting event. Provide video screens for a stage. Karaoke anyone?



Anyone who advertises with us on the truck also gets extensive advertising on our website, social media outlets and email blasts.

Why do you need LED Mobile Billboards?

Our LED mobile billboard will attract additional attention with surround sound playing as they drive down the street looking like a giant TV.

Every Campaign at Connect Media Mobile Ads includes:

  • First class quality!
  • Professional staff.
  • Optional handouts of brochures.
  • 24 hour communication with manager.
  • Clean-cut courteous professional drivers.
  • Daily photos taken throughout the campaign.
  • Planning the most effective route for your ad campaign.
  • 3-sided Digital mobile billboard for multiple ads.(only on for led billboard trucks)
  • You’ll receive photos of where your Mobile Billboard Ad each day.


The right demographic is one of the key factor in any form of advertising Such as Radio, TV,  Web/Social media, Magazine, Direct marketing, and many more….

Right Timing

When and where? That’s when mobile billboard truck can solve that problem. billboard trucks can travel anywhere anytime to target the right demographic at the right time and right place.

Why mobile billboards?

When it comes to outdoor advertising, developing effective mobile billboard calls to action is perhaps the most important thing that you can do. Mobile billboard calls to action generally come at the end of an advertisement and suggest a specific action that the consumer can take to interact with the business immediately. When you use a call to action in your advertisement, you have a significantly higher likelihood of landing a sale as a direct result of the ad.

Why are mobile billboard Calls to Action so effective?
What technologies are being used?
What is Geo-Conquesting?
What should you focus on?
How important is the placement?


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